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22, 처녀 자리, CO, Hotland
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Holaaaaaaa! [none] tkns for SENSUAL BLOWJOB at goal | Explicit show only in private chat | TOKENS ONLY IN PUBLIC CHAT (169 Fav pattern).

소셜 네트워크
선물 (8)
FurElisse님의 주요 정보
성적 취향양성애자
신장>5'4" - 5'6" [160cm- 170cm]
무게100 - 120 파운드 [45 - 55 킬로그램]
언어영어, 스페인어
음모털 면도함
가슴큰 사이즈
나를 흥분 시키는 것
Polite and interesting man.
내 소개
A poem in the body of a woman.
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
Rudeness and vulgarity.
캠으로 우리가 하는 것
FurElisse의 방송 업무 시간

My essence in a song.

FurElisse ELISSE image: 1


This is my favorite song. What is yours?

For you.

FurElisse For you. image: 1

FurElisse의 아마추어 영상

Queen of Queens contest



FurElisse님의 위시리스트
Flowers !
Flowers !
A romantic gift, for a lovely woman.
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1st place
1st place
I want to be the queen !
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New light
New light
10.000 tkns
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댓글 (10)
22. 8. 13.
Elisse , la douceur prends tout son sens avec toi , ta sensualité m'envoie dans le paradis des désirs les plus fous ! ton humour et ta joie de vivre font de toi une personne à découvrir chaque jour sans modération ! tu est une femme intelligente , franche et directe mais terriblement sexy et magnifique , des courbes à vous couper le souffle ! ton show est unique tout comme toi !! restes comme tu est , ne te formate pas surtout !! l'avenir est plus que radieux mi reina Elisse ! te adoro ...
22. 7. 24.
ELISSE : une personne gentille, généreuse, agréable, belle, d'une sensualité hors du commun.
une tres belle rencontre merci besos
22. 7. 22.
Elisse is one of the best performer's I have ever seen breathtaking .I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.
22. 3. 13.
What an awesome person to be camming with. Our music choices were aligned so well I couldn't believe it. She's a lot of fun to talk with. Her body is that of a goddess.
22. 2. 14.
22. 2. 4.
salut,simplemend un mot!!! dank you beaucoup a toi!! ne change pas ,tu es mega sympa et genial et te remercie enormemend de ta grande gntilesse !!! de la part du diable hihihihihhih
22. 1. 18.
Elisse is a very happy girl, I love talking with her. She has the cutest face (I have to say her boobs and ass are too). And her massage show with cream on her boobs and ass are the best thing you can see.
22. 1. 13.
I've never seen a show like yours here. You are a great person and the most sensual of all 🌹
22. 1. 9.
My miss saint tropez, thanks for being so incredible with your amazing english ^^ I really love when you speak english because you really are talented, hehe legends says that you can learn language in one week))) You put so much effort in your stream that I seem I look a movie)) by the way your stream is incroyable !!! You are a true goddess, with a great sense of humor !! So interesting and gorgeous, I truly adore to spend time with you my dearn, you deserve the best my rainbow)
22. 1. 7.
My dear you're an amazing person, you're so gentle and gorgeous, you're unique my dear, my angel and miracle, I really hope you'll be top 1 because you deserve it my dear))