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신장>6' - 6'3" [185센티미터 - 195센티미터]
무게180 - 200 파운드 [80 - 90 킬로그램]
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stupidity, lack of education & respect
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21. 8. 17.
💕 A goldfinch sang over the roadside willow,
Dusk flows from the branches with silence ...
And on the bench, quiet and happy,
"Adam" kisses "Eve" in the moonlight.💕
21. 7. 8.
20. 10. 24.
💖In a man I prefer wisdom, strength,
The character is solid, the breadth of the soul.
It's not so scary to rush into the abyss
He will protect and hide from a thunderstorm.💖
20. 10. 13.
I will swamp the crumpled bed
With petals of withered flowers
I shout out a thousand impossible words
Whisper millions of poems...